Formed at the beginning of 2014, in Kelowna, British Columbia, Irradiation is the definition of true sonic anarchy, with influences all over the punk/thrash spectrum, and is the spawn of three audio engineers who met at CATO.

Irradiation is:

Sam K. – Guitars

Justin B. – Bass + Vox

Matt P. – Drums

We play a blend of thrash metal and punk rock. Our songs are about worldly issues, governmental corruption, war, and beer! We hope to start touring soon, but for now, keep an eye out for us in the Okanagan area!

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PS. We play a show at Fernando’s Pub with TRIBUNE, from Vancouver. When? October 18th! 10:00PM! See y’all there!



First Strike EP

First Strike EP (Digital download only) available now! Four tracks of Punk/Thrash mayhem, check it out! You know you want to!

Drums and vocals were recorded at in Studio A at CATO, in early 2014. Guitars and bass tracked and re-amped at Irradiated Records. Self-produced, mixed and mastered at Irradiated Records.

We also have a new release in the works, the Retaliation EP! Four more tracks of sonic anarchy for y’all to check out. Look out for a double release of First Strike/Retaliation, coming soon!

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